What is a vinyl record

A legendary French politician, writer, and poet once said: “Music is the literature of the heart; it commences where speech ends.” Albert Einstein also had to give his 2 cents on music by pointing out that if he were not a physicist, he would probably be a musician. The renowned German-born physicists also added that he often thought in music, lived his daydreams in music, and saw his life in terms of music.

The Vinyl Record

Someone holding a vinyl record

During the final years, of Albert Einstein’s life, the vinyl record got rolled out, and as expected, the scientist who was born in a hotel room, and died in a hotel room became its number one fun. Over that time, Einstein did create a wonderful vinyl collection, which has been placed on display in numerous exhibition tours around the world over the years. But let’s leave that for another day. Today, we are going to be focusing on the vinyl record as a timeless masterpiece for audiophiles who are keen on classical music records.

What is a vinyl record? On what device can one play a vinyl record? From where can one acquire a vinyl record? Please read on to find the answers:

What Is a Vinyl Record?

A vinyl record is basically a form of phonograph a.k.a gramophone record that’s stamped from a lump of polyvinyl chloride hence the term “vinyl”. This is a classical music record that was invented by Peter Carl Goldmark in 1948 who had previously worked as a consultant to several electronics companies.

Vinyl Record player, on play with a blue, pink and white vinyl record playing

Shortly afterward, it got adopted as a new standard by the record industry, remaining the standard format for record albums until its gradual and temporary disappearance between the 1980s and early 21st century. With the arrival of compact discs and streaming media, which all became big deals at their times, the V.R had no choice but to exit stage left before making a gradual come back since 2007 henceforth.

On What Device Can One Play a Vinyl Record?

A vinyl record, as said earlier, is a phonograph a.k.a gramophone record. The record is therefore designed to play on a gramophone device or vinyl record player. It’s worth noting that the devices come in three different sizes i.e 12 inches, 10 inches, and 7 inches. Both players are compact enough to rest on the shelf or top of a table or even stool.

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From Where Can One Acquire a Vinyl Record?

Vinyl records sound like rare valuables, but the reality is that they are pretty easy to find when one looks for them in the right places. If you would like to buy one or a few records, try shopping;

1. Online

There are many online stores such as this one and market places dealing with vinyl records, including Amazon. Just type and search a simple phrase like “buy vinyl records” to find a few good websites from where you can order. You can also check here for some great ideas.

2. At Auctions

There is no better place to buy excellent vinyl records than in auctions. Look for upcoming auctions in your area that focus on classical music items like vinyl records and attend as many of them as you can for the purposes of shopping.

3. At Local Stores Dealing in Classical Music Records

As said earlier, vinyl records have been making a gradual comeback since a few years ago. Consequently, they are almost becoming readily available with many traditional stores near us beginning to distribute them. With that in mind, visit a few stores in your area that deal in classical music records and shop till you drop.

Final Thoughts

Vinyl records have been a popular format for recorded music since the late 1940s. However fewer recordings were made available following the advent of compact disks and multimedia storage and playing devices until 2007. Since then, the format has regained some popularity and new songs are increasingly being made available in it besides other common formats.

In the early years of compact disks as well as multimedia storage and playing devices, vinyl records continued to be cherished by audiophiles for their impeccable sound quality regardless of their greater susceptibility to dust and scratches. Vinyl records offer a warmer and more detailed sound that’s simply irresistible.

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