What does LP stand for?

If you are new to the term vinyl records and aren’t sure what an LP is, you’re in the right place at the right time because we are going to be talking about the grand and glorious LP vinyl record. Years ago, before we started to get our music in a digital format and way before we called on Alexa or our phones to play our music, we had these round discs that we called records. These records are also called albums, or vinyl. The biggest of them all was called an LP.

This LP could be placed on a record player and played one side at a time. The LP lasted for a long time, in fact, that is how it got to be called an LP. It was set at the speed of 33 and 1/3 and called a long-playing record which became shortened to LP. Thus the LP got its name because it played longer than other records of the day. For example, a 45 record was made out of vinyl but it only played one song which lasted for about 3 minutes before it needed to be flipped over or changed. The 33 and 1/3 record played slower than the 45 speed and it also had about seven or more tracks per side. as a result, the slower speed of the record and the more tracks played longer so it was a long play vinyl record or an LP.

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Back in the day and even today, LP records were enjoyable to listen to and they gave the person listening to them a feeling of falling in love with the tunes recorded on them. Sure, you could play any number of 45 records and have the stacked but you still had to change them often and sort to find you next round of music.

Picture of an old vinyl record player about to play an LP

However, with the LP at the ready, it gave you a good half hour or longer before you had to find your net musical selection which could be as simple as flipping the record album or LP over. Yes, the LP was a lifesaving record when it came to vinyl and, to be honest, you wanted to listen to the whole LP because it often told a great story when you played it in order from front to back. The bands and artists of the day understood how to make the LP like a great television show or a well-designed magic show. It was enjoyable from start to finish, as all LP’s should be.

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