Do you want to understand the genius behind the vinyl record? In that case, you first need to know how sound waves work. Usually, sounds are produced by vibrations. From there, the sounds travel through the air as waves. Sounds are simply vibrating particles. Energy is transferred from the source of the sound to its surrounding. How will your ear detect sounds waves? This will happen when the vibrating air particles cause the eardrum to vibrate. The grooves on the vinyl record are actually sound waves. The three dimensional grooves record how the sound waves behave. Actually, they are more like a fingerprint.

Vinyl records are manufactured to convert sound into electrical signals. Sound vibrations are created when the record spins. The vibrations are converted into electrical signals. It is important to know that these signals are then fed into electronic amplifiers.

Electronic amplifiers are manufactured in a way that they feed the produced sound into speakers. The speakers amplify the sound. Are you aware that most vinyl records use the highly regarded groove methodology? The only difference is that record players are much more high tech.

picture of a vinyl record spinning

The needle is one of the multiple parts that make up a transducer. The main function of the transducer is to change the mechanical energy into electrical energy. The system is manufactured with coils, magnets and stylus. After the mechanical energy is converted into electrical energy, it is sent to the amplifiers and out to the speakers.

The needle in the vinyl record is used to create grooves. Additionally, the needle is used to read the information contained in the grooves. It plays the sound back so that we can hear the recorded information. You will find channels of audio information on the left side of the groove. The role of the channels is to make up the stereo sound.

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The stylus of the vinyl record is made to trace the groove. In the process, the sound information contained there is reproduced. The tip of the stylus is manufactured of an industrial diamond. It is an impure substance shaped like a cone. The vibrations that result through the cartridges are converted into electromagnetic signals. The signals are then amplified and produce the noise that we call music.

In the last couple of years, vinyl records have been gaining a lot of popularity. Originally, they were manufactured to produce monophonic sound. They were designed in a way that the two sound waves could be recorded to play tracks at the same time. The playback of the vinyl record produce a louder sound that can be passed through two speakers. It is good to know that the history of vinyl records is quite long and colorful.

If that is not yet enough, they have sparkled revolutions. This has allowed listeners to experience diversity in music. Last but not least, musicians can now share their art with more than just the locals. This has increased the growth of the music industry.

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