A guide to buying second hand vinyl records online

If you are trying to build up your vinyl record collection, then there are some good deals that you can find online. However, there are some things you need to be aware of if you are buying online. The following buying guide can help you ensure that purchasing vinyl online is a straightforward process.

Buy From Reputable Sites

The best way to ensure that buying vinyl online goes smoothly is to buy from a reputable site. Buying vinyl via auction is a very popular, and for this then eBay is probably the best choice, as you are offered a lot of protection as a buyer. There are also many other sites where you can buy second hand records. If you are unsure about buying from a particular website, then it can be helpful to read reviews from other people that have used this site in the past.

Try And Build Your Reputation As A Buyer

There are sellers that want to make sure that the records they are selling go to a serious collector. If you are buying from a site such as eBay, then people can leave feedback about you as a buyer. If you are buying vinyl on a regular basis, then you may become well-known in buying and selling circles. All of these things can help to build your reputation as a buyer that will look after the vinyl that they are sold. This can be useful when you are buying records that are seen as real collectors’ items.

Think Carefully About Shipping From Overseas

Picture of a broke vinyl record from RCA Victor records

There is more chance that your record could become damaged if it is shipped from overseas. Therefore, you should only try to buy from sellers in the UK if possible. This will also make things easier if you need to get in touch with the seller. There may be times when a vinyl that you really want is only available from overseas. In this case, then you shouldn’t discount it immediately, but you will need to accept that there may be greater risks involved.

Pay Careful Attention To The Description

The description of the vinyl should be fairly detailed. It should be a warning sign if there is not much detail about the condition of the vinyl in the description that is given. There are classifications for the condition of vinyl, but these tend to be subjective and so there is no specific standard across the industry. Another thing to look out for in the description is whether the vinyl is an original or a reissue. Original vinyls are worth a lot more money, and you don’t want to receive the vinyl expecting an original, only to find out that it is a reissue.

There may be times when genuine sellers innocently leave something out of the description by mistake, but there will also be less than honest sellers who deliberately try to mislead people so that they can achieve a higher price than the record is actually worth. This is something that may be avoided if you do your due diligence about the seller.

Do Not Be Afraid To Ask Questions

If you have any questions about the vinyl, then you should not be afraid to ask them. A reputable seller should be more than happy to share the information you require. They may be able to send you additional pictures of the item, or give details that were not included in the description. If a seller does not reply to your messages, or seems reluctant to answer, then this may indicate that this particular record may be one that you need to leave behind.

Reach Out To The Seller If The Vinyl Is Not In The Condition You Expected

The biggest risk of buying vinyl online is that it will not be in the condition that you expect. If this does happen, then you should reach out to the seller in the first instance. They may be able to help you resolve the problem that you have, or give you a refund if you are still not happy. If you can try to resolve the problem amicably, then you are more likely to get a positive result. Leaving a bad review of their site without making any effort to contact them, may make the seller unwilling to help resolve the issue.

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