10 Things that Make Vinyl Records so Special

Vinyl records provide a real musical treat for people who are old enough to remember them. These vinyl discs were the first commercially successful medium for music. They were around long before cassette tapes, CD’s, musical downloads, and streaming platforms. Vinyl records are no longer the common format for music, but they still hold a fascination with millions of people. Let’s check out 10 things that make vinyl records so special.

1. Vinyl is a Great Medium for Listening to Music

Vinyl records are full of life and they have an original sound that is different than modern music formats. People who have never listened to vinyl from the past will immediately hear how different it sounds from the modern musical quality today. Vinyl had the ability to capture the performers heart and soul. The crackles, pops, and unusual noises that can be heard on old vinyl records help to make them so special and enduring.

2. Vinyl has a Long Shelf Life

Vinyl record owners know that their records will last for a lifetime. However, you will have to take care of them. When you constantly play vinyl records over and over, you will wear their quality down. However, if you rarely play them; you will preserve their quality. Still, what is the point of having vinyl records if they can’t be played? What you will need to do is to periodically clean and maintenance them to ensure their integrity.

3. Vinyl Records are Extremely Collectable

Vinyl records are highly collectable items. Their rare quality makes them very good memorabilia. If a person has a vinyl record from the past and it is in mint condition; they can literally make thousands off the record. Unopened vinyl albums from popular groups or solo artists could make someone rich. Vinyl record collections that have popular albums from the past make great collectables.

4. A Vinyl Record is Stored in Space

Two vinyl records were stored on two spacecrafts. These crafts were known as Voyagers 1 and 2. Each spacecraft have one record a piece. These albums are known as the Golden Records. These records have music on them from different artists and eras. They also have greetings from over 50 cultures, and they have messages as well. To date, no other music format has been used for this purpose. By the way, NASA used pictures to show future people how to use the turntable and vinyl record.

5. National Record Store Day 2018

National record store day is a day that has been created for record store owners. This day not only honors the remaining record store chains and independent businesses; it also honors vinyl. Many modern record stores deal in vinyl; even though they provide modern outlets for music. This day helps to keep the importance of vinyl records alive and thriving.

6. Vinyl has made a Comeback

Vinyl records have made a comeback. It all started around 2007 and has been increasing well into 2020. Vinyl’s resurgence. Many people have inadvertently wanted the nostalgic sound of vinyl. Many people from the modern era wanted experience vinyl for the first time. Some of them liked it a lot. Vinyl records only make up less than 6% of all record sales. This is a huge gain from previous years where they were barely a blip on any musical sale ledgers.

7. DJ’s and Vinyl Records

DJ’s have always had access to vinyl if they wanted these records. Many old school deejays continue to use them. Modern deejays typically avoid them. Some deejays from the modern era, enjoy using vinyl records. Many deejays belong to record clubs and they join them to get the latest music on vinyl. This is also a real treat for music fans that like vinyl.

8. DVS is the Modern Vinyl Record

Digital Vinyl System is known as DVS and it is the modern way for DJ’s to use vinyl decks. This is a great piece of technology because it allows DJ’s to play MP3s from their computer and records from their turntable. The turntables are digitized, and it allows DJ’s the ability to connect their units through computers. It provides greater flexibility with playing music.

9. Vinyl Records are Historic

Vinyl records have not been around for 100 years. This medium became commercially available in 1931. After they died off in the late 80’s and early 90’s – they really became nostalgic. Vinyl records are historical. They helped to define decades from the past. The 60’s were an extremely chaotic and busy time in the history of the United States. Vinyl records from that era reflected the turmoil and great changes that were taking place. Vinyl record artists had the ability to really capture the history of an era and preserve it.

10. Vinyl Records are More Visual than other Music Formats

Vinyl records have a great visual quality that is hard to deny. They are large and eye-catching. The cover art is fancy and very enduring. The records also have a visual appeal that MP3’s and 4’s don’t have. CD’s and cassette tapes could never match this quality. Vinyl records were special and enduring by how they look, feel, and even smell.

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