A Closer Look at Adam Ant

Adam Ant is an English singer whose given name is actually different. He was born as Stuart Leslie Goddard. Adam Ant was born November 3, 1954. He gained his popularity through being the lead singer of the band Adam and the Ants. Later, he branched out into a solo career. However, he still kept the popular moniker that had earned him notoriety before. In total, Adam Ant has had ten hits in the UK. These spanned from the space of 1980 to 1983. This proved that Adam Ant reached his heyday in the 80s.

Adam’s popularity in music opened the door to other things. He worked as an actor from the mid 80s up until 2003. As it is with so many artists, his music just proved that he had the star power. People couldn’t get enough of him. He was popular in both TV and in film. He managed to break into the businesses that are hardest to enter with his time in the spotlight. Music and acting are two highly sought after professions. However, there are so many talented people out there who don’t even get a chance in the limelight in even one of them.

Adam Ant is used to the big city life. He was born in London. He actually played bass for Bazooka Joe before he even went anywhere as a singer. However, this time in a band got him used to the stage. He did two albums after that with Adam and the Ants. It was a successful group that made waves on its own. He even ended up hitting number one with some of the songs that they sang.

Adam Ant had a lot of drive to go further. When he broke ties with his band, he still kept one of the members Marco Pirroni on. Marco and him wrote songs together and Marco was still a part of Adam’s band. In this way, he shows that he actually did have strong connections in his early years. There did not seem to be any major falling out that broke apart the band. Rather, there was just a parting of ways. His song “Goody Two Shoes” actually made the top 20 in the US. It was a number one hit in the UK and in Australia.

Clearly, Adam Ant had a wide reach. On his own. he had four albums that were successful. However, even with all of this success, it didn’t stop him from being dropped from his label MCA, when he had run his course. His fifth album was even shelved. Thankfully, he had acting to fall into and get some creativity out of his that way. He also made a decent living at it.

Few people in the industry are actually able to be successful and to live out their dreams. However, Adam Ant was a person who really did make the cut. He hit the music industry by storm in all facets. He really did make a legacy for himself.

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