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We try to keep up with demand but sometimes sales outstrip what we can add in a day. Some artists and records sell within a matter of a few minutes of being live. Sometimes someone will buy every single, LP and 45 we have of a band or artist. We can only promise we will keep adding more vinyl with a balance of LP’s, 12″ and 45’s as all are in equal demand.

Do you test the vinyl records?

Not every record is tested, each record is visually inspected so we can grade the second hand vinyl record accordingly.

If a record has been tested you find comments regarding the playback test and also an attribute to show a record has been play tested. We are more than happy to playback test a record for you before you purchase, please get in contact and allow 48 hours for a playback test. You will also find a quick link on each record page where you can pop your name and email in to quickly request a playback.

We try our best to ensure you get the record that meets the grade we have qualified it with. If the records show only the slightest of marks or none at all we do not test playback.

If we come across a vinyl record that has suspect scratches or scuffs we will play the record and record this information and along with playback details for the individual record.

The records are however all used and second hand. Even in the case of the near mint condition ones they will look very close to new but will have been played a few times but kept in excellent condition and have perfect playback, close as possible to looking and playing like new but not new.

However, if you think we have incorrectly graded a record you have purchased please get in contact we will get this sorted asap. We are only human and occasionally mistakes do happen.

How do you grade your vinyl records

All vinyl is second hand and therefore need to be graded so you are aware of the current condition.

We currently adopt the industry-standard set out by the Goldmine grading guide to grade all second hand vinyl records and sleeves.

You will find a summary of grading below each record in the store, however below is a more detailed explanation.

Mint (M)

These are perfect in every single way

Near Mint (NM)

These are records that were bought, taken home opened, played a few times and locked away in a plastic sleeve never to see the light of day.

No marks, no creases or tears on covers or sleeves they look nearly brand new.

Very Good Plus (VG+)

These are close to near mint but just not quite due to a few little things.

There may be some sign of minor wear to the record such as very light scratches or a very light scuff. None of these impact the play-ability or the sound quality of the record. Light signs of handling may be present around where the centre hole when the record has been played. There may be very slight discolouration.

The cover may have some minor wear. There could be minor wear to the seam of the cover and the very smallest of splits (no bigger than 4cm) to the seam. There may be some defacing or a minor crease to the sleeve. There could also be a cut-out marking present.

Very Good (VG)

All the wear you see on VG+ is obvious on a VG record, cover and sleeve.

There could be some slight scratches on the record which could potentially be heard during quiet periods of the record being played although the overall listening experience is still an enjoyable one.

The shine will be lost from the record cover and the record will show signs of wear. The cover may have some writing, labels or a sticker. There will be creases in the cover, some ring wear on the cover and the cover may have splits although minor on all 3 sides.

Good (G)

The record is still 100% playable without any skipping but there will be noticeable surface noise and groove wear on the record. The record will also have a worn label, perhaps with writing or damage caused by an old sticker, there could even be writing on the label. Heavy wear will be visible on the record ring.

The cover will have some or all of the following very obvious defects such as ring wear, splits, creases and some heavy defacing.

Fair (F)

These records have serious defects which make them unplayable without skipping, there may be deep scratches, cracks.

The cover will have suffered serious deterioration.

Vinyl Record Prices

All our records are graded and priced fairly. For that reason, we do not negotiate or offer discounts on records.


Payment options

You can choose to pay with PayPal, Stripe or Klarna during the checkout process. No other payment methods are supported.

For full further information please read our terms of sale.


Please visit our delivery page for more information regarding our deliveries.

Will you store my card details?

Only if you create an account during the checkout process and select the box to save your card details.


What happens when I place an order?

If payment is successful for your order you will receive a confirmation email that we have received your order.

When you order has been dispatched you will receive a dispatched email with tracking information for your order. You can also view this information within your account order details if you have a registered account.

Where can I find my order number?

If you have an account with us you can visit my account page, login and select orders, here you will be able to view all your orders you have placed with us including the order number.

You will also be able to find the order number in all email correspondence from your order confirmation and order completed emails.

I have lost my order number and deleted all order emails

Please email contact@secondhandvinylrecords.co.uk and we will assist. Please include a telephone number in your email so we may contact you directly.

Where’s my order?

Your order will usually be dispatched within 2 days of placement excluding bank holidays and weekends. You will receive an order confirmation email to the email account you used when placed your order.

You will receive a separate email to confirm dispatch, this will always include a link so that you can track your delivery.

Any order with a value under £25 (excluding postage) will not have tracking.

I do not have a order conformation email

Please check the junk folder of the email you used to place your order with, sometimes emails don’t end up in your inbox.

I do not have a delivery dispatched email

Please check the junk folder of the email you used to place your order with, sometimes emails don’t end up in your inbox.

My Order has been delayed?

We monitor all orders closely for delays, if we have not been in touch already regarding this please email contact@secondhandvinylrecords.co.uk with your order number and we will investigate ASAP.

What happens if my order fails to be delivered?

If your order fails to be delivered due to being lost by the courier for example we will provide a full refund. If we have not been in touch already regarding this please email contact@secondhandvinylrecords.co.uk with your order number and we will investigate ASAP.

I have checked my junk email and I still do not have an order conformation email, a delivery dispatched email or both of those emails.

Please email contact@secondhandvinylrecords.co.uk

Include as much detail as possible such as the date of your order, your name and your address. We promise to get back to you as soon as possible.


Do I need to create an account before I can place an order?

No, account creation is an option during the checkout process but is not mandatory.

Can I create an account before ordering?

Yes, visit my account page and create an account. You can add your details including delivery address and payment details for future orders.

What are the benefits of creating an account?

You can login and check your order details via the my account page. We will store your address and your payment details (optional) for a faster checkout process for your next order simply login when you reach the checkout.

How do I reset my password?

When you sign up for an account your password will be emailed to you.

If you have forgotten your password go to the My Account page and click the link Lost your password

Enter your username or registered email address and a link will be emailed to your registered email address to create a new password.

I have forgotten my username or registered email address for my account

Please email contact@secondhandvinylrecords.co.uk and we will assist. Please include a telephone number in your email so we may contact you directly.

We will contact you directly to reset. Please include a telephone number within your email. We will ask security questions before providing these details.

How do I change my password?

Visit my account page, login and select account details. At the bottom of the page, you can enter your current password and your new password.

How can I change my registered email address for my account?

Visit my account page, login and select account details. Update the Email address field and click save changes.

How can I change my name for my account?

Visit my account page, login and select account details. Update your name and save changes.

How can I delete and add payment methods?

You delete or add new payment details to your account by visiting my account page, login and select payment methods.

How can I update my address for my account?

Visit my account page, login and select account addresses. You can edit both delivery and billing addresses for your account.

How can I delete my account?

Contact us via your registered email account. Send your email to contact@secondhandvinylrecords.co.uk with the subject line account deletion.

How will I know my order has been dispatched?

You will receive an email to your registered/guest email address with the email subject of order completed.

Returns and refund policy

If you need to return or request a refund for any of our products please visit our contact page and fill out the form.

We only offer returns for 31 days given all goods are second hand.

For faults or incorrect items, we will reimburse any return postage fees. Please do not return any items until you have completed the contact form on the contact page.

If your return is for any reason, i.e changed mind, unwanted etc we will refund you minus the postage fee after inspection of the returned item. You will need to pay for any postage cost for the return of the item.

We will contact you once we have received your completed form to arrange a refund or return.


If you have been happy with our service it would be greatly appreciated if you leave us a review on Google or Facebook.

Not happy with our service? Please visit our contact page, we will only be too glad to help sort out any issues you may be having.  


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