A Closer Look at Adam Ant

Adam Ant Puss n Boots vinyl record sleeve scaled

Adam Ant is an English singer whose given name is actually different. He was born as Stuart Leslie Goddard. Adam Ant was born November 3, 1954. He gained his popularity through being the lead singer …

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10 Things that Make Vinyl Records so Special

The Police Roxanne vinyl record side B scaled

Vinyl records provide a real musical treat for people who are old enough to remember them. These vinyl discs were the first commercially successful medium for music. They were around long before cassette tapes, CD’s, …

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The Beatles LP – Abbey Road

Beatles Abbery Road vinyl record scaled

Abbey Road is the eleventh – and final – studio album released by the Beatles. Tension existed within the band existed for some time, but it was John Lennon’s quiet and unannounced departure six days …

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picture of someone about to place a vinyl record on a record player

You must keep your records clean if you want to enjoy vinyl fully. I think we can all agree with me that dirty records sound bad. Additionally, they are not good for your turntable. It …

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Picture of a vinyl record playing on a record player

Do you want to understand the genius behind the vinyl record? In that case, you first need to know how sound waves work. Usually, sounds are produced by vibrations. From there, the sounds travel through …

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